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Our History

Senior Lift emerged out of a passion to give older adults the best in assessment, information and adequate resources. Our firm has been in business since 2001. Our corporation; Jennell L. Williams Inc., has always focused on improving resources and services for people. Our areas of professionalism cover Human Resources, Geriatric Care Management, Housing Solutions, and Technology Training for older adults. Our President, Jennell L. Williams is a baby-boomer who has been an entrepreneur since 1983. Jennell Williams Inc. has many years of hands on experience and this asset positions us to act as a coordinating catalyst to develop and introduce resources for older adults and caregivers.


Mission Statement

Senior Lift’s Mission is to empower individuals by adding to and improving the quality of life for older adults and those who occupy our workforce. Senior Lift’s commitment and passion is demonstrated through making available different technology training resources that inspire people to prepare for our Digital Divide World. Senior Lift’s goal is to promote an increasing number of individuals to access ongoing technology skill training that allows them to keep up the pace of emerging technologies that yield results that build confidence in functioning well in today’s digital society.


Cognitive Learning Model

Senior Lift utilizes a Cognitive Learning Model that enhances adult learning. We value their life-long experiences and we incorporate it within our training methodology. Our accelerated learning journey focuses on the entire person including their physical activities, life experiences and their personal creativity. Senior Lift’s goals are focused on getting the participants deeply involved and interested in their own learning. Adults need to feel comfortable in their learning environment to ask questions and share knowledge with trainers and classroom peers. Adults decide for themselves what their learning priorities are and how this knowledge is going to produce immediate and useful solutions to the problems they need to solve. Adults compare and contrast new knowledge against past learning. Adults are most effective when they are taught in their personal learning style.  The art of association  is used to help students recall, relate and remember old information associated with new information. These learning styles include a combination of visual, auditory and kinesthetic approaches. Our challenge for facilitating distant learning is to be able to successfully adopt these learning methods to be reflected within our new digital learning platform.


Our Core Team

Our Professional Staff are Experienced Professionals in the Industries of Technology, Health Care and Geriatrics…

Profile of Jennell Williams

Jennell L. Williams, an entrepreneur in Delaware County for over thirty years, has continued her ambitions as she deposits her passions through developing emerging digital training forums.  Jennell feels it is vital that all groups mentioned above are trained and empowered to gain the skills to enable them to function confidently in our digital world and be able to keep up with technology pace of our society.

Jennell Williams, President

Jennell Williams, started her business journey in 1983. Throughout many decades, she has developed several corporations to deliver services to the following industries: (1) Bulk Mail/Data Management, (2) Human Resources, (facilitated training workshops in Conflict Resolution and Housing Solutions for older adults, (3) Life and Health Insurance, (4) Technology Training, (5) Geriatric Consulting, Workshops on Mortgages and Foreclosures, (5) Drug Addiction Counseling and Office Services and Printing.

Her clientele included: Xerox Corporation (Consultant), City of Phila, Managing Director Office(Consultant), Presbyterian Hospital(Bulk Mailing/Data Base Consultant), (Mortgage Foreclosure (Consultant), Dupont Company(Bulk Mailer/Database Management Consultant), Crozer Chester Medical Center(Bulk Mailer/Data Base Management Consultant), Weidner University(Bulk Mail and Database Management Consultant), Delaware County Community College(Bulk Mailer/ Data Base Management Consultant), Citadel (Bulk Mailer/Data Base Management Consulting), School District of Philadelphia(Bulk Mailer Consultant), DHS-City of Philadelphia(H.R Dept. Restructuring Consultant), City of Philadelphia Prison System, H.R. Employee Workshop Consultant), Chester Education Foundation, Technology Consultant, The Urban League of Philadelphia (Mortgage Foreclosure Consultant), U.S. Department of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Human Resource Consultant/staffing).

Education: B.A. Degree (Immaculata Univ. (Human Resources Management, Penn State University, Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

CEU’s Accreditation:

  • Women In Leadership (Neumann University Center for Leadership)
  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction Family Counseling (National Conf. of Biblical Counseling
  • Integrated Approach to Discharge Planning (Accessible Home Health Care Agency)
  • Foreclosure Intervention Counseling (NCHEC)
  • Mediation Process Training (Center for Resolutions, Media PA)

Jennell was a member of the Boards of Directors: The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce  and the Chester Business & Professional Association.  She credits her deceased husband, Arif Zahir who was a great inspiration in her life who assisted her in achieving success in business and ministry.  She is the Author of the book entitled “Older Adults Should Not Be Left Behind.” Jennell strongly believes in developing and empowering others. “No Man is an Island, together we stand strong.”



Profile of Alexander Hall

Alex is a hard-working, dedicated, and loving father and husband. He is passionate about everything he does. Alex, and his wife Valerie, are proud parents of their lovely 9 year old daughter, Alexis who is their shining star.

Alex started his career in the United States Air Force in 2002. He then began working for various companies in the sales, retail, and technology fields. Some of these companies include, but are not limited to; Alexander OTTO, Verizon, AT&T, and Samsung. Alex has a strong sales background. He’s worked in sales and management for a good part of his life, and has even sold fiber-optic cable packages door-to-door with Verizon and AT&T. Alex is currently working for Samsung Electronics America as a National Retail Sales Manager.

As a National Retail Sales Manager, Alex works side-by-side with employees and managers, to train, and help them better understand how to use the technology they want to sell. He also personally works with customers to help them make better decisions about what they may potentially want to buy. He spends most of  his days visiting retail stores and spreading his passion for technology all throughout Delaware and New Castle County. Alex has a strong business and marketing mind. He enjoys developing new business concepts, and creating various marketing strategies to help meet business goals.

After meeting Jennell for the first time, and speaking with each other for a while; Alex was inspired to join forces and help move the Senior Lift vision further. Alex and his wife, Valerie, had already been thinking of ways to help and train others with technology in better ways. Alex and Valerie meeting Jennell, sparked their passion and made it feel so much more realistic, and attainable. Their meeting has been the key to achieving their goals, and now they can help each other reach their lifelong passions together. There’s no better feeling for Alex, then to help others, and he’s devoted to his family and helping others every day.


Profile of  Valerie Hall

Valerie is a dedicated mother and wife, entrepreneur, and student. She’s a freelance graphic designer and web developer. She also manages her own website, blog, and YouTube channel to share helpful parenting tips with others. She loves teaching, and helping others, and has dreams of spreading her reach even further.

Valerie has always loved technology, and started working with computers at a young age. In high school, she took college-level courses to learn many basic computer skills just because she enjoyed it. Valerie also has a strong sales background. She worked with Verizon, and AT&T for a few years selling fiber-optic cable, internet, and phone packages door-to-door. Doing so humbled her and helped her realize how much she enjoys helping others. Valerie also realized that her true place is in the technology field. She first attended Wilmington University in 2007 where she studied Graphic Design, she worked with programs like; Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CAD, etc. She is now currently enrolled at Delaware Tech, where she has been working to complete a dual-degree in Computer Network Engineering and Information Security. Over the years, she’s been learning and developing skills like; Computer Science, Programming, Operating Systems, and Server/Network Management.

Students who are currently taking classes learn new technology before, and right when its being introduced to the world, so being enrolled in school has helped her to learn to adapt with new, and upcoming technologies as they are released. Adapting to technological change is key to learning new technology, because it changes so frequently. Valerie enjoys sharing her knowledge, and enjoys teaching. Senior Lift has been a wonderful addition to her life because it’s foundation is built on helping others. Valerie is patient, kind, and willing to do whatever it takes to help Senior Lift grow, and to help others live better lives everyday.








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Senior Lift is a non-profit Agency registered in the State of PA

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