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Senior Lift’s staff are professionals with vision, experience, and credentials that affirm their qualifications to provide Workforce Development training and Emerging Technology training for older adults, the underemployed and unemployed.

For many decades and before COVID-19, the Digital Revolution has been a driving force in our society.  Emerging technologies are associated with every walk of our lives.  COVID-19 is a pre-curser that has created an urgency to set immediate timelines to maximize the implementation of these technology strategies. These strategic moves are designed to infiltrate and dominate our world’s systems.  The old workplace was changing at a gradual pace but suddenly it has moved rapidly to fulfill the needs for technology implementation into every sector of our livelihood. Many of the old workplace structures are being re-evaluated and tested to see if they possess a strong technology foundation to survive and be productive in this COVID-19 Pandemic.  This workplace shifting has brought our work environment into a dimension of a “new normal.”  This “new normal” will affect society in ways that will broaden the Digital Divide.   Digital Divide is the defining moment between the “Haves and the Have-Nots.” Workers who will be vastly affected are the unskilled, the minorities, and others with low-incomes.

What does this “new normal” mean to Senior Lift?  It has motivated our professional team to plan and be prepared to deliver technology training through the virtual platforms for distant learning.  Senior Lift gets the opportunity to re-write and re-design our efforts toward preparing older persons and underemployed/unemployed people to learn the technology skills needed to enable them to secure meaningful employment that empowers them and improves the quality of life for their families.  New and enhanced technologies are going to necessitate new roles for those who possess the right skills to participate.  Senior Lift has positioned their agency to become a vital player in the role of equipping individuals to move their lives forward and “not be left behind” because they have lost jobs or their current job is requiring a solid background in technologies. The “new normal” will upgrade the trends on how management will monitor the efforts of their employee’s responsibilities, utilizing digital clock in and out, and tracking their daily tasks virtually.  Management will be utilizing video conferencing platforms more frequently as a more accurate means to train and interact with employees.

Senior Lift’s professional team is passionate towards training, preparing and sharing our knowledge to assist those in need of meeting their lifelong career goals. We inspire our participants to think beyond just getting a job, instead we encourage them to focus on their value and their abilities to secure employment that is a part of the cutting edge job market.  The changing workforce expects employees to be prepared to transfer their skills from a hands-on physical environment  to a remotely virtual environment.  Senior Lift’s role is to build a visual and mental compass of hope and direction whereby our participants can understand how they will benefit through welcoming new information aimed to develop new mindsets and new behaviors that will be useful in order to succeed in the changing workplace. Employees must also understand how teamwork is critical and how it is implemented in a digital work environment for team collaboration.

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Workforce Preparation Classes

“Workshops  are available to further enhance successful workplace transitioning for our participants.”

Conflict Resolution/Critical Thinking

Resume Writing

Developing Effective Interviewing Skills (In person or virtual)

Understanding the Role You Play in the Changing Workplace Environment

Work Ethics & Work Disciplines (In person or Virtual)

Exploring Your Innovative and Creative Skills

How to Utilize and Transfer Your Soft Skills In a Virtual Environment


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