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COVID-19 challenges Senior Lift to be prepared and proficient to perform and deliver effective teaching methods in the midst of a global pandemic environment. This is our mindset for this moment as we operate in the shadow of a global pandemic that is somewhat disoriented and coupled with limitations. We are transitioning to prioritize online instruction through distant learning channels to align ourselves to comply with safety precautions recommended by the CDC.  While our distant learning platforms are in a development stage of progress, Senior Lift is also preparing to redesign physical classroom space to incorporate Social distance guideline and precautions, when that time is appropriate.   Learning technologies will be presented in a two-fold paradigm: Distant learning and the utilization of our physical classroom utilizing state of the art technology tools and the redesigning of working methods and student space that reflects a social distance learning environment.


Name of CourseBrief DescriptionDate and Time
Video Conferencing BasicsVideo confereing has become very popular today because it gives people the ability to stay in touch from virtually anywhere! Learn the basics about video conferencing apps such as; Skype, Facetime, Facebook Live, and more!
Social Media BasicsLearn more about, and how to use some of the most popular social media platforms today! Like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more!
Smartphone Core Basics ILearn basic concepts of smartphones and how they work. Concepts such as; basic operation, button and icon identification, etc.
Smartphone Core Basics IIWe will recap what was learned in Smartphone Core Basics I, and take a deeper look into basic everyday uses for our smartphones. (Pre-Req: Smartphone Core Basics I)
Smartphone AppsLearn how to install and use an app. We will also highlight some of the most practical and useful apps available today!
Computer Basics
Learn the basics of computers and how to operate them. You'll also learn the differences between hardware and software, and what it all does. Plus the differences between various operating systems, accessories, and much more!
Email BasicsE-mail is used everyday, and everywhere! In this course you'll learn how to email, set up email accounts, and manage you email accounts.
Internet Basics IThe internet is a very vast place. It helps to first understand the basics, to be able to maneuver through today's internet chaos. This course will teach you the basics of the internet and how to do simple tasks.
Internet Basics II (mobile devices)This course is a follow-up to Internet Basics I. We will go over some of the things learned in Internet Basics I, as will as some more advanced, and even fun tasks that can be done on the internet! (Pre-Req: Internet Basics I)
Intro to Windows 10Windows 10 has become one of the most popular operating systems today. We'll take a look at the basic operations and how to use them!
Intro to Tech Terms & SymbolsThe tech world is filled with terminology, and it's very confusing if you don't have a proper understanding. This course dives into some of today's most used terminology, where you'll see it, and what it all means.
Intro to PowerPointMicrosoft PowerPoint is a presentation program, used for many occasions. You can use it to build school or business slideshows, or even a birthday or memorial presentation for a loved one. Learn the basics of PowerPoint, and how to create wonderful slideshows yourself! It's soo much fun!
Intro to OutlookOutlook is an e-mailing platform developed by Microsoft. We'll take a look at how to setup an account, as well as basic Outlook operations.
Intro to One-NoteOne-Note is a cloud platform created by Microsoft. We will learn how One-Note works, how to setup an account, as well as basic cloud operations.
Intro to Microsoft WordMicrosoft Word is one of the most used programs on computers today! It's used for everything from writing a paper, to creating a greeting card! Microsoft Word is a versatile program that can be to create almost anything on your computer!
Intro to Managing Photos/VideoOne of the funnest things to do on our smartphones is take pictures with our camera! Learn how to take the best pictures, and videos. Plus, learn how to download, upload, and manage your pictures on your PC and the internet!
Intro to ExcelExcel is a spreadsheet program. It allows you to create spreadsheets for various occasions; accounting, lists, or even a simple budget. Excel is used very frequently today in the business world, and is an essential skill to learn how to use it.
Intro to CodingHave you ever wanted to learn how to code or program? Maybe create a website or build an app? This course is a basic overview of some popular forms of coding. such as; HTML. Java, CSS, and more!
Intro to Apple/MacLearn more about Apple devices, iOS, and how to use it all. Learn how backup your files, photos, and utilize the benefits of your Apple ID with features like iCloud, "Find my Phone," and more!

Registration Requirement and Process


  • All registration/assessment forms will be submitted electronically and evaluated by Senior Lift’s Core team. Participants must include courses of interest. All registration requirements will be submitted electronically.  Once Senior Lift electronically receives your registration requirements, participants will be notified by email/phone (if no email) for acceptance, and will be given further details for class day/time, and whether e-learning course or physical classroom attendance.  Each participant is strongly advised to setup an email address so that Senior Lift can communicate with them electronically. If any interested participant does not have an email address, they are welcome to contact Senior Lift at 610-639-6737 and our team will assist you in setting up your personal email account. When classes begin Fall of 2020, attendance in classes will be FREE of CHARGE.
  • Participants are required to complete registration/assessment online. Our website address is

**Distant Learning Classes are scheduled to begin early fall of 2020 and projected date is September 10, 2020.

**Technology training will utilize PC’s, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Some course are designed for mobile devices only.

** Technology course will be schedule based need and interest of participants.

** Milestone Celebration and Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants upon completing 8 courses or completing 20 hours of instruction.


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