Senior Lift has facilitated technology classes for older adults and youth programs at various venues since 2008. These venues include: Episcopal Place Retirement Residence, Neumann University, Media Friends, Community Hospital, and Word of Faith Christian Center. Our classes are usually held at the Technology Resource Center at Word of Faith Christian Church, Aston, Pennsylvania. Senior Lift commitment to work with people within the community for 11+ years, and now have developed long-term relationships with our students.

Senior Lift’s Training included their delivery of Special Projects due at the end of our class.  Here are a few testimonials from our participants listed below…

“I am glad that I took the course because it encouraged me to continue to use the computer to explore more programs and to email my family.  I have talked to other seniors about the course, and included in the benefits, how much fun they would have taking the class.” – Dena Linder

“This course really inspired me to learn more and more!  I enjoy learning all the different functions of the computer. I also learned that the internet is a whole new world.  My instructors are awesome, I love them!” – Delores Jones

“I am so glad I had the chance to do the class.  It really gave me the insight that I have been lacking around the computer.  I am able to do so much more than I could before and that make me less frustrated. Thank you so much for all that you have taught me.  I will never forget the Senior Lift Program.” – Letty Carney

one on one training

“I never thought at 84 years of age, I would be interested in using this technology.  It is fascinating, but at the same time, overwhelming.  With repeated practice along with many mistakes, I eventually learned how to do my baking and pay bills on-line.  Thank you, Senior Lift for your patience with dealing with older folks who sometimes need a little extra time.  Jennell, you and your assistants have been more than understanding in dealing with our problems and answering our questions in class.” – Jack Nemeth

“I took Smartphone Basics I & II during 2018 and 2019.  This training was very thorough and designed on my level of learning.  In my classes.  I witnessed so many older adults who owned all types and brands of mobile phones and they did not have a clue of how to operate them.  Many of them were so fearful of technology, they did not believe that they could learn it.  These classes helped me tremendously and today I am more comfortable with my smartphone and  I have a better understanding of the APPS and mobile technology. The instructors; Valerie, Alex, and Jennell, were so accessible, knowledgeable, and showed compassion towards each student who came to class.” – Sandy Young

“Valerie is such a patient, kind, encouraging, hands-on, devoted teacher. I had no choice but to pick up useful information! Thank you so much for your vote of confidence!” -LaVergn R.


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